Central Saint Martins MA Online Interim Exhibition
19 – 25 April 2021

Transference.tv is an online exhibition platform that stands at the forefront of current digital art practice. It represents the cross-fertilisation of ideas that span our postgraduate Art courses: MA Fine Art, MA Contemporary Photography; Practices and Philosophy and MA Art and Science. 

Hosting the work of over 100 first-year MA students currently developing their practice, transference.tv exhibits work as live broadcasts, downloadable artworks, as geo-located artwork, and as artworks located within a variety of different “Rooms” across the site accessible by clicking on different satellites currently orbiting the globe. 

Transference.tv considers the transferal of ideas and the sharing of knowledge as moments that create possibilities and build support structures that are needed now, more than ever before. 

Curated, designed and built by Artist & Associate Lecturer Candice Jacobs in collaboration with Matt Woodham and Brendan Oliver. 

Transference describes a situation where the feelings, desires, and expectations of one are shared with others; when the individual is transferred into a collective body. 

As a collective network of souls, we are connected to all energy fields.   

As we engage, energy leaks out of bodies and our electrical conductors into the atmosphere, and the air around us becomes conductive. A corona occurs at locations where the strength of the electric field exceeds the dielectric strength of the air, resulting in the emission of light as a bluish glow, like the glow of the screens reflecting off from your face or radiating out from the windows as you walk down the street.  

As we sit in front of our screens and become more and more aware of digital capital’s crafty tricks that suck us into its simulations of aspirational reality; the blurred lines between reality, truth and fiction create an illusion of “being” together through the interconnectedness of alienation and isolation.   

Technological evolution has allowed us to communicate via a transference of vibrations, signs and signals transmitting between our bodies, the Earth and its orbiting devices.  We are together… separated by air, the atmosphere and our constructed realities. 

As Starlink satellites dance across the sky, we’re made aware again, like our ancient ancestors before us, that even though we might be separated by our location, and by different rules and regulations, when we look within the chaos of the control systems that connects us, we are all still human, vibrating atoms, connected in both space and time.

The global pandemic has shifted behaviours and habits connected to Human, Race, Gender, Individual and Freedom on quantum and cosmic scales… constellations appear…. forming new understandings, parallels, patterns, relationships and attachments.

Let's press pause for a moment. Inhale and exhale the charged atmosphere that surrounds you.  Feel your body... connect to the firing synapses in your mind and enter into the transference of thoughts and ideas being presented to you, trust your instinct. The energy you have, the attention you give, and the value systems you put in place act as evolutionary tempos and rhythms of extinction. The digital world is a place where our attention has a flat structure; silence and muteness have no place. We must communicate; we cannot remain silent because we are subject to the compulsion of communication and the compulsion of production.